Holy Week Consecration and Reflection

Each year in remembrance of what Jesus’ death on the cross, we reflect and mediate on the Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection. Leading up to Easter, we take time out to fast from food, sometimes technology, and favorite past hobbies, to delve into God’s Word.

In this time, we hope to draw closer to God by reading and mediating on His Word. Through the Bible, we learn more about God and His Son, Jesus. We see Christ’s humanity as He takes the metaphorical cup that was handed to Him, which signifies His crucifixion. We see His sadness for leaving His disciples, tremendous love for His father for He will obey Him until death, and His strength in suffering. We also see His power and authority over all even death; He raised from the dead. He bore our punishment and conquered death for us.

Holy Week is a time that we take to really understand what Jesus did on the cross for us, praise and worship Him for this sacrifice, and adore and thank Him for His humility.

Join us in fasting and prayer from April 14th-18th. Our doors will be open on April 15th at 10am for morning prayer and worship.